How to Show Offline in Whatsapp When I Am Online?

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Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t answer your phone because you were busy, but people could still see that you were online on WhatsApp? If so, this guide is for you! In this post, I will show you how to hide your “Online” status on WhatsApp when you’re actually offline. So whether people are calling or trying to reach out to you on WhatsApp, they will see that you’re not available. Let’s get started!

Do you want to show your WhatsApp contacts that you are offline or hide your online status even though you are active on WhatsApp? If so, you’ve come to the perfect site to learn how to show offline on WhatsApp when I’m online.

As you are aware, there are instances when we want to use Whatsapp or talk with a personal contact but do not want to show the other contacts that we are online.

Because Whatsapp does not give specific capabilities for hiding online status or showing offline status to contacts. However, there are several methods for quickly concealing your online status.

And all of your WhatsApp contacts will appear offline when you are online. So, we’ve gone over the step-by-step approach with screenshots on how to show offline on WhatsApp when I’m online. So, let’s find out…

How can I make myself look offline in Whatsapp when I’m online? 5 methods

There are a total of five methods or strategies covered in this article for masking your WhatsApp’s online status. They are accessible via the GB Whatsapp, GB Chat offline app, and GB Chat online app.

Last seen, direct chat app, and answering from the notification bar Since the last seen will not hide your online status, you can use it to hide the last seen.

Let’s start with how to exhibit offline status in WhatsApp when online.

How can I indicate that I am offline in WhatsApp when I am online using GB WhatsApp?

As you may know, GB Whatsapp is a third-party software for the official WhatsApp app that adds a slew of new capabilities. As a result, it also allows WhatsApp users to disable online status elements.

So, let’s go over how to seem offline when I’m online using the GB Whatsapp app. Because this GB Whatsapp is compatible with both iPhone and Android, you can simply show offline in WhatsApp on both phones.

To hide your online status in GB Whatsapp, follow the steps below:

  • If you haven’t already, download GB Whatsapp from the web and sign in using your current WhatsApp phone.
  • Tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.
  • There will be numerous options displayed, but you just need to click on the privacy options.
  • Hide the online status choices by tapping the button.

You can simply execute the technique of how to seem offline on WhatsApp even when online by utilizing the GB Whatsapp on your Android or iPhone by following the aforementioned procedure.

How to Hide WhatsApp Online Status Using GB Chat Offline

“GB Chat offline for WhatsApp – no last seen” is a playstore application that allows you to stay offline in WhatsApp while online.

As the name suggests, this software was created with the intention of masking the online status on WhatsApp. So, let’s see what steps must be taken to display offline in WhatsApp when using this program while online.

Follow the steps below to learn how to show offline in Whatsapp when I am online via the app:

  • Install the app “GB Chat offline for Whatsapp” first, as I mentioned it is accessible on the Google Play store, so you can get it from there.
  • It will now request notification access to this app. So, press the give permission button.
  • When you tap, you will be sent to your phone’s notification settings. So, choose this app and provide it permission.
  • Return to the previous screen and then click the Done button to progress to the next step.
  • Now, press the allow choices until it disappears, and then click on the allow options to enable the program to operate in the background.
  • You don’t have to pay anything if you select “later.”
    Now, press the give permission button.
  • When you press the give permission button, it implies that the data will be saved in one file. So, using your file’s file manager, choose any one file.
  • Now, if somebody sends you a message, it will display to others and they will not be able to see your online status.

You may effortlessly hide your online status on WhatsApp and display your contacts offline even when speaking in this manner. Now, let’s look at the other options, one of which is a fantastic manner that doesn’t require the installation of any program.

How can I make Whatsapp indicate that I am offline even when I am chatting?

As you are aware, when you launch the WhatsApp program, only your contacts may see your online status.

However, if you want to communicate with a specific individual but do not want to display online to all of your WhatsApp contacts or even the person with whom you are conversing, you may do it simply.

You may accomplish this without installing any third-party applications, as long as you use the official WhatsApp client. Guys, Isn’t it incredible? Yes, folks, we can accomplish it; let’s go over the technique.

Make sure that your data is turned on and that you have entirely removed the WhatsApp app from your recent apps list (Minimize).

  • Allow the people with whom you wish to talk or send messages to send messages.
  • Scroll down to see the notification bar Whatsapp message as the user sends messages.
  • As shown in the screenshot below, press the respond button.
  • Enter your message and press the send button.

In this manner, you may simply connect with anyone without revealing your online status to them, and they would have no idea whether you are using WhatsApp or not.

How can I make myself look offline in Whatsapp while yet being available in Direct Chat?

Direct chat is essentially an app for practically every prominent social networking platform, such as Instagram, Facebook, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others.

This program’s function is to allow users to send messages or communicate from any social media without having to open the official app of the social media, such as Whatsapp.

It means you don’t have to enter WhatsApp, and when a message arrives, you may open the direct chat app and speak with each other without using WhatsApp.

If the WhatsApp app does not open while conversing, they will look offline rather than online, even if they are using WhatsApp. So, let’s go over the procedure.

  • On your smartphone, download the “Direct Chat – (ChatHeads/Bubbles for All Messengers)” app from the Google Play Store.
  • Tap to enable notification access and allow notification access from your phone settings as it sends you to your phone settings.
  • Navigate to the Getting Started choices.
  • Tap the + symbol next to the conversation head.
  • Check to see whether WhatsApp is switched off, then turn it back on.
  • After you’ve done this, any message sent to your Whatsapp will display in a bubble.
  • So, tap on the bubble, and you’ll be able to send a message to that individual without having to open your WhatsApp program.

With the aid of the Direct chat app, you can effortlessly accomplish the procedure of how to display offline on whatsapp while I am online.

How can I conceal my last seen status on WhatsApp?

Perhaps you are aware of this technique because the majority of Whatsapp users are aware of it, but let me inform those who are unaware of it.

So, if you wish to hide your last saw status from your contacts, you can only do so by using the official WhatsApp app.

Follow the steps below to learn how to hide your last seen status and appear offline:

  • Open WhatsApp and then hit the three dots, followed by the configuration choices.
  • Tap to access the account settings.
  • To access the privacy settings, click here.
  • Tap on the last saw and choose nobody.

You may conceal your last seen by following the steps outlined above, which means that your contacts will not be able to view your most recent online WhatsApp activity. As a result, if you wish to seem offline while online, this method is essential.

FAQ on How can I display offline on Whatsapp when I am online?

Is it possible to be online on WhatsApp without it showing?

Yes, there are several methods by which anyone may be online on WhatsApp without displaying their online status to others. They can even communicate with anybody, but any contacts will not show up on their online status.

This can be accomplished by employing some of the approaches discussed in this article. So, if you want to display someone offline while you are online, follow the steps outlined above.

How can I make myself unnoticed on WhatsApp?

If you want to remain invisible on WhatsApp to all of your contacts while still using the app, you must do three essential actions.

They do so by disabling the last seen choices, masking online status, and disabling the reading receipts option, all of which are available in the official Whatsapp. Since this page covers all of the techniques for exhibiting offline and online, as well as how to disable the final sen.

So, you’ll need to perform the three processes outlined above to entirely disable WhatsApp, and no one will be able to tell whether you’re using it or not.

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Conclusion on enabling offline mode when using WhatsApp

I’m hoping you’re familiar with the technique for showing offline in Whatsapp when I’m online. We did our best to give a solution for how to remain offline in Whatsapp while data is available.

We have described practically every feasible approach to hide online status in Whatsapp using a total of 5 methods with step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

Because there are no direct alternatives for showing offline to others when online, we have listed the many methods for doing so.

If you have any questions about WhatsApp’s online status, please leave a comment and we will respond as soon as possible.

If you have a WhatsApp account, the only way to show that you are online is by checking your phone or opening up WhatsApp. It can be difficult to know when someone is available if they’re not showing as being on their computer and it’s possible for people who do want to chat with you may feel like messaging isn’t worth it because of this uncertainty. Luckily, there are some ways around this problem! You could set an alarm on your phone every hour so that anyone trying to contact you will see that you were active during those hours. Another option would be creating a photo collage in which one side shows what time zone or location you live in while the other has photos from today indicating whether or not we’re currently

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